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Update: Tallapoosa River 11:19 AM

The Tallapoosa River went into flood stage early this morning after 5+ inches of rain fell in the Tallapoosa River Basin yesterday and last night. Alabama Power was forced to open flood gates at R.L. Harris Revivor sending the Tallapoosa into flood stage cresting at 20.16 feet this morning. The latest check on the gauge at the Wadley bridge shows the river at 20.1 feet. Down slightly from 20.16. The forecast is for a continued fall below flood stage (13.0′) by midnight tonight and back to a normal flow by May 10th.

The river crest of 20.16 has caused moderate flooding along the river’s banks from the dam south. Most of the flooding is farmland and recreation areas. The highest recorded crest in history was 37.30 ft on 05/08/2003. At the current level, some flooding occurs in lower-lying areas around Wadley. Between 22 and 25 feet the bridge over Beaverdam Creek floods. The river has to reach approximately 30.0′ to overtake the Hwy 22 Wadley Bridge.

May 8, 2003
37.30 feet
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