Calling All Cams!

If you live in East Alabama or West Georgia we would love access to your outdoor security cam. We are looking for live cameras across the Dr. Don viewing area to provide live video during weather events. Most security systems today allow remote viewing via IP address and we are kindly asking for permission to […]

Thunderstorms Moving into East Alabama

A Mesoscale Convective System complex (MCS) of thunderstorms developed last night across the Missouri Valley and has slowly moved southeast into Alabama this morning. These storms will continue moving into east Alabama and west Georgia through mid-morning today. Expect significant lightning with loud thunder, strong straight-line winds, and hail with these storms.

High-End Severe Weather Threat!

CALL TO ACTION: Wednesday night’s severe weather event has the potential to be a high-end wind event for much of Alabama because of a low-level jet stream capable of producing 80 mph winds just above the surface; plan for power outages. Secure loose objects that may fly away with strong winds. Pay close attention to […]

Strong Thunderstorms This Afternoon

Strong thunderstorms are slowly moving north across east Alabama this afternoon. Remain Weather Aware for the possibility of strong straight line winds, dangerous lightning and large hail.


Going live at 8:PM to discuss the possibility of winter weather for east Alabama and west Georgia. 

Strong Thunderstorm

A line of strong thunderstorm is moving into east Alabama at this hour. Currently below severe limits but very heavy rain and gusty winds approaching the Anniston / Oxford area.  I am monitoring in the ALFA Weather Center and will go live if conditions warrant. 

Weekend Winter Storm?

Danger, Will Robinson! You older folks know what that means. Younger folks should google it! It’s like early in the 1st quarter of a football game but heads up for the possibility of a significant Winter Weather Event this weekend. We have known for several days that moisture will return this weekend. Today, the models […]